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Hearing Loss

Hearing Loss

The loss of hearing can be measured and categorized as mild, moderate, severe or profound. The degree that a loss interferes with an individual’s communication varies. Some with a mild loss report a significant problem while others report no problem.

Hearing Problems
Hearing problems are commonly identified as conductive, sensory-neural (nerve) or mixed. Conductive loss is often caused by cerumen (wax) in the ear canal, or a middle ear infection or other obstruction in the outer and/or middle ear.

Many conductive loss problems can be helped with routine wax management and appropriate medical treatment. Ear wax problems are more common with individuals that are wearing hearing aids. At Cobb Hearing Aid Services ears are routinely checked using a video otoscope and cleaned when necessary.

Sensory-neural loss may be caused by age, noise exposure, injury from accident, medications and other inner ear disorders. Sudden sensory-neural loss must be treated immediately. Most individuals with sensory-neural hearing loss problems can receive benefit from hearing aids. Cobb Hearing Aid Services uses advanced technology custom designed to provide maximum personalized benefit for each patient.