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Our Mission

Our Mission

Cobb Hearing Aid Services is an independent private hearing aid business. Our goal is to provide personalized, professional service designed to give each patient maximum hearing improvement. Appropriate hearing aid selection and fitting are important. After your fitting is complete service is the key to successful adjustment to your hearing aids.

Confidential and Professional
Hearing evaluations are conducted in a private, specially equipped facility using ANSI standard fully calibrated test equipment by licensed professionals.


Providing Better Hearing Through Personal Service

At Cobb Hearing Aid Services we start with a personal review of your past medical and audiological history, especially as it pertains to family history of hearing loss. We are concerned about possible causes for your loss, including work and recreational noise exposure, medications, cancer chemo and radiation therapies. Using a state-of-the-art Video Otoscope we look for any visible abnormalities within the outer ear and ear canal that may become an issue when selecting amplification.

If your evaluation indicates a potential need for medical attention you will be referred.

Our job isn’t finished until our patients’ lives are improved.